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Island Grinds restaurant operates under New Beginnings Academy, a non-profit

organization with a 501(c)3 status. New Beginnings Academy was organized in 2006 to

help at-risk youths, homeless, and runaway teens organize different youth sports

programs. The academy strives to raise awareness and preserve cultures within our community through music, dance and nutrition for life and growth.


NBA opened Island Grinds (Authentic Foods & Catering) as our “on-the-job training” program for at-risk youths and young adults interested in pursuing careers in the food industry, and to preserve the foods and different dishes of the Polynesian culture by preparing, cooking and sharing it with the community.

Fundraising Opportunities

Saturdays are focused on fundraising opportunities for youths in our community that are involved in sports or any educational clubs, but can’t afford dues or fees. These individuals will be given a certain amount of tickets to sell to their families and friends. Families and friends will then pick up their food orders on Saturday

at the restaurant. Island Grinds will deduct food costs from ticket price and write a check of remaining

balance to the student’s school or club.


Aloha Wednesdays

It is our PRIDE DAY not only to showcase dishes prepared by our future chefs, but also a day of appreciation dedicated to the great people of our community for their service and donations that goes toward refining and furthering our Aloha Wednesday Program. Companies and individuals that want to sponsor a Wednesday are highly encouraged. All donations are completely tax deductible.


Feel free to contact us for more information