Catering Services
We provide takeout catering for you to pick up and take to your party, or you can have us bring it to you. Island Grinds offers catering services for all occasions and sizes. We serve authentic Polynesian food and exquisite Hawaiian cuisine. Stop by for our Aloha Wednesdays to sample dishes prepared by our future chefs.


We also provide hula or fire dancing entertainment at your catering event, it is also a possibility to provide this service separate from the catering and only provide the entertainment.


We pride ourselves in making the best foods for our customers because they are, in essence, our guests…and treating our guests with the utmost respect and honor is paramount in our culture. We serve with the Aloha spirit!

Delight your senses and your soul as you dine for a good cause. Island Grinds is the only BBQ restaurant in Utah where you can tear apart tender, Hawaiian-style pupu chicken, while helping to provide skill-building opportunities to local youth who aspire to make a career in the restaurant industry.

We’re open for lunch and dinner, six days a week. Kids, walk-ins and large groups welcome. Visit us today!


There’s nothing better than a show to go with your meal, at Island Grinds both are spectacular.
Performed by the same people that prepare the food the entertainment that Island Grinds provides is enjoyable for all ages.
From fire to hula there is a wide variety of entertainment that is sure to grab the interest of all of your guests.